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The Show must go on

I know I know. Floyd knows and Manny knows. Everyone knows you’re waiting on the Pacquaio/Mayweather fight — arguably the biggest fight since the first Tyson/Holyfield bout.

The recent insertion of drug tests, accusations and hurt feelings are just a smoke screen. A mere hor’douvers to whet your appetite. Sometimes drama is good for a blockbuster matchup like this. If you think this snafu between the two camps bickering over a drug test is seriously going to prohibit this major money maker then you’re greatly mistaken.

Neither Floyd or Manny are getting any younger and if money is really the fuel drives the sporting world, why would two men just walk away from the most lucrative job opportunity of their respected careers? But make no mistake, this fight would be bigger than the winners’ purse. It would be bigger than Pacquaio’s group of supporters and bigger than Mayweather’s ego. What’s at stake for the winner? Oh nothing, just boxing immortality.

Mayweather has made no secret about his love for the rich life. He’s been collecting big dollar purses for a while now and though he may act like a possible fight with Pacquaio doesn’t make him or break him, Mayweather didn’t come out of retirement to sit back and wallow in criticism.

Mayweather is a top-shelf fighter no doubt but he’s taken his share of public abuse from fans for his reluctance to engage himself in some of the more riskier matches of boxing warfare. But maybe that’s perception. Mayweather has been the best in boxing for the last few years and while some of his harsher critics have been waiting for him to step up his competition, he’s flat out demolished anybody who’s been foolish enough to step into the ring with him.

A fight against Pacquaio would be the last card in the line of a flawless public perception for Mayweather. Critics will still detest his showmanship and overconfidence but they will no longer be able to say the “Pretty Boy” was too picky and selective upon who he danced with.

After his dismantling of Miguel Cotto, Pacquaio is the only qualifiable opponent worthy of swapping gloves with Mayweather. Toppling the cat-quick “Pac-Man” would be enough for the Pretty Boy to possibly retire again if he wanted to.

While Pac-Man probably hasn’t even open the thought of retirement, laying out Pretty Boy Floyd would certainly give him the right to start scheduling a permanent vacation. The last few years have seen Pacquaio wage war with Juan Manuel Marquez, wipe out Ricky Hatton and slay the great Cotto. A win against Mayweather would elevate Pacquaio’s prize fighter status past Oscar De La Hoya and informally announce him as the best Hispanic boxer of the last few years.

You see it’s more than just money on the line if we’re talking about a Pacquaio/Mayweather bout. You won’t find a prize fight that has a bigger afterlife for the winner. You won’t find a prize fight that will set the kind of viewing records that this one possibly will. And you won’t find a prize fight between two of the best fighters in the association right now.

These type of fights don’t come along everyday. Manny knows and Floyd knows. And regardless of who sues who and who alleges what, the show must go on and for Mayweather’s reputation, he better hope it does.


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