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Three Downs from the Skins/Rams: D.C. Edition

Hmmmmm, how should I start this? A win’s a win right? Right? Isn’t it? Of course! A win is a win when you score more points than the team you’re playing against. Style points only count in the NCAA but try telling the fans at FedEx Field that. Skins fans serenaded their team with boos from the opening quarter to the closing minutes of Sunday’s win. Do they have a reason to boo? Well … considering the Boardwalk Avenue-like prices at FedEx Field and the team’s bloated payroll, Redskin faithful probably feel entitled to more than just three unattractive field goals against the lowly Rams.  I can’t blame them. I feel entitled to more than just searching through the ugliness to try and find three pointers from the game but nevertheless, here they are.


First Down

Unless the Skins run deep through the playoffs and/or finish the season on some exciting, Greatest Show on Turf –type of finish, head coach Jim Zorn isn’t coming back for the 2010 season. Hell, he might not even make it through this season. Owner Daniel Snyder has fired a coach before during the midst of the season and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him do it again with grumbling mounting from those close to the organization. Redskin legend Sonny Jurgensen went back and forth with Zorn after Sunday’s game over the coach’s decision to try a halfback pass on a third-and-five play in the red zone.

Jurgensen probably wasn’t the only one who wanted to go to battle with Zorn, who’s close to wearing out his welcome in Washington if he hasn’t already. Jurgensen is a pretty even-keeled guy, if he’s going at it with the head coach in post game interviews, the writing isn’t only on the wall, it’s in bold and underlined print.


Second Down

Fans booing at a game isn’t uncommon. Fans booing at a game after a win? Well … let’s just say that’s pretty rare. Although 9-7 couldn’t be a closer score, 9-7 is only means to cheer in NFC title games in freezing weather or Super Bowl drag outs that belong in black and white television instead of color.

9-7 in September when your team is one of the highest salaried teams in the league playing against one of, if not the worse team in the league is probably reason to throw your nachos in the air. Coming from a Redskin team when every year should be a contending year (in terms of salary and talent), 9-7 is inexcusable when the owner annually goes for broke in the offseason. Washington has brought in so many high-priced acquisitions over the last few years that Skins fans showed their frustration this past Sunday.

Although the team was triumphant, Washington has been playing lackadaisical ball for years and Sunday was the day for fans to not only let the team know, but Snyder, the coaches and anybody else close the organization understand that they’re sick of it. Sick of being average. Sick of being mediocre. Sick of not scoring touchdowns and sick of playing so-so football.


Third Down

The fact that Snyder goes out of his way to empty his pockets every summer just magnifies all the issues in Washington. For the $100 million Snyder gave newly acquired Albert Haynesworth to fortify an already impressive defense, he could’ve dangled that money in front of an Anquan Boldin or Brandon Marshall or any other disgruntled marquee receiver that could’ve come in from day one and made the offense more explosive.

Washington has an obvious problem in the red zone. They were stoned all day in New York inside the 20 and the Rams swatted away all attempts this past weekend. The need of a big receiver is not only obvious, it’s mandatory if the team is going to start putting some points on the board. Sophmore wideouts Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas aren’t ready yet and the jobs of Campbell and Zorn can’t afford to wait on their development. To make matters worse, workhorse runner Clinton Portis is battling foot problems, which may haunt him for the rest of the season, so the team is going to have to open up the passing game this year. The lack of a dominant wideout may seriously hurt that strategy.


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