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Soap Opera? No, just Favre

Back for more? Favre signed a two-year deal with Minnesota Aug. 18

Back for more? Favre signed a two-year deal with Minnesota Aug. 18

So Brett Favre pulled it off again huh? Reusing what’s become his annual offseason get-out-of-jail/training camp-free card, he elusively dodged another summer of haze and helmet clashes by declaring his intent to remain retired.

Not content with allowing Michael Vick to hog the headlines, Favre got on a private jet, zoomed to Minneapolis and then signed a two-year deal with the Vikings, effectively stealing the thunder out from under the newly reinstated Vick. Sources say he’ll start on Friday against Kansas City.

While Vikings coach Brad Childress is probably jumping for joy over his team’s renewed outlook on the season, I’m sure there’s a few disgruntled Vikings shaking their head in disgust. No not Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels, I mean….. who cares about them right? This is all about Favre.

Adrian Peterson is probably ecstatic, the subtraction of eight-man fronts will undoubtedly add a wider smile to the All-Pro’s team photo this season. And I’m sure some of the 20-something wideouts on the roster have dreamed their whole careers of catching passes from Favre, but what kind of example does this set for the other guys on the team?

Jackson and Rosenfels duke it out all summer, then three days before their next preseason game, “Hey thanks guys but don’t even worry about the competition, the guy not even on the team, who was reading TV Guide while you were reading your playbooks has already won it.”

I mean ok, it’s Brett Favre but seriously, at 39 (Favre turns 40 in October) does anybody really expect him to be throwing the pigskin with the same velocity in January compared to September? He already has a tear in his rotator cuff and two weeks to prepare for the regular season should give him the advantage against the New Yorks, Baltimores, Chicagos, Pittsburghs and Arizona’s of the league right?

Now everyone on ESPN wants us to believe that Minnesota is Super Bowl bound. Why? For all of his illustrious career, Favre has only one Super Bowl win to his credit.

His last season as a Jet, he looked extremely ordinary down the stretch and his penchant for throwing costly interceptions is becoming his trademark.

Let’s not forget about some of the competition in the NFC.

The Giants made NFL idol Tom Brady look ordinary during the midst of his record-breaking season. The Eagles were a quarter away from going to the Super Bowl and the Cardinals were a miracle reception away from winning the whole thing, so I’m not exactly ready to plug the Vikings into my preseason pick just yet.

Minnesota will undoubtedly be better with Farve but the threat of some resentment will surely flow through the veins of the team.

When Favre does eventually retire, an acting career could be next in line

When Favre does eventually retire, an acting career could be next in line

These type of shananigans don’t happen in Pittsburgh, they don’t happen in New England and they don’t happen in New York, well, atleast not with the Giants. It’s no secret that those three teams have been the models of success over the past few years.

Although there is no competion when it comes to quarterback for those clubs, there have been plenty of unsettled positions on each of thoses rosters where the coaches have elected to reward guys already on the team instead of bringing in some marquee name veteran. Hell, often times those clubs have been the ones cutting ties with the marquee names, not upstaging their current guys to make room for new ones.

Even Favre’s longtime Packer team could only stomach one summer of Farve’s training camp call out.

I can’t blame the Vikings for what they did. For a team that felt they were one piece short of a being a true contender, the bid for Brett had no price tag.

But sometimes the price to win can be a costly one.


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  1. Enough all ready of the “As Bret Favre Turns” soap opera drama. This guy does this every year for the past 3 or 4 seasons. I think he is selfish and only cares about himself. That’s my humble but accurate opinion.

    Comment by Chief | August 19, 2009 | Reply

    • So I take it your not a big Brett Favre fan huh Chief?

      Comment by stevedwriter | August 19, 2009 | Reply

  2. This guy….

    I like Brett Favre but, I mean, come on! This stunt is getting a little old, dont you think?!? I understand he loves the game and all but Damn…. go to camp for Pete’s sake! I’m really starting to think Favre is just lazy and LOVES to be in the spotlight. Losing fans over this mess!

    Comment by TeeMarie | August 24, 2009 | Reply

    • Feel the same way on Favre, I grew up admiring the man, but his last 2 seasons or offseasons should I say, have turned into a drama contest

      Comment by stevedwriter | August 24, 2009 | Reply

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