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The Perfect Scenario, Vick signs with Eagles


Vick might be a big name but his supporting cast is even bigger

Vick might be a big name but his supporting cast is even bigger

A lot has been made about embattled superstar Michael Vick’s return to the NFL after the former Atlanta Falcon signed a two-year agreement with the Philadelphia Eagles last Thursday. The initial thoughts on last week’s deal ranged from topics challenging Donovan McNabb’s job security to the possibilities of Vick replacing McNabb in a few seasons.

Talk about a rush to judgment.

Vick’s arrival in Philadelphia will have no immediate or long term impact on McNabb’s status whatsoever. The newly signed Vick will signal the addition of a mega talent in 2001’s top overall draft pick but expecting a quarterback who’s been out of the league for over two years to exactly just come back and challenge the starter or even the second and third string signal callers is a bit or a lot of bit unrealistic should I say.

The West Coast offense employed by the Eagles and head coach Andy Reid is a notoriously difficult system to just come in off the street (literally) and grasp. And for a quarterback who often struggled as a starter before his two-year hiatus, to throw Vick anywhere near the starter’s fire would be disastrous to both a team with Super Bowl aspirations and a player who many spectators and critics are eager to see fall flat on his face.

But the former scenario is nowhere near the case in Philadelphia. The Eagles have their own bonafide superstar in McNabb and a backup in Kevin Kolbwho was drafted in the second round of the 2007 draft with the design of replacing McNabb.

With McNabb in the picture, Vick won't have the chance to be the lone star in Philadelphia

With McNabb in the picture, Vick won't have the chance to be the lone star in Philadelphia

With both players having significant experience in Reid’s offense, the idea of any quarterback who hasn’t started a game in two seasons knocking either out of their position roles is rather uh……. what’s the word….. ridiculous, that’s it, ridiculous!

It’s obvious Vick is the real winner here in this deal but there’s more to just rejoining the league that certifies this as a victory for the Vick side.

For all of Vick’s highlight reel scrambles and mid-air hurdling jaw droppers, his passing skills left a lot to be desired. Sure he had the XXXL arm and could fire a football out the stadium but his accuracy and pocket awareness were the two things that needed a major upgrade.

People forget, but McNabb shared a lot of Vick’s qualities when he came into the league as a heavy-armed, scrambling playmaker out of Syracuse in 1999. His pocket awareness and accuracy were the sources of many a boo days in Veterans Stadium but as McNabb aged, his quarterback traits improved.

Studying under a passing coach in Reid, McNabb’s skills were bound to develop and he now stands as one of the better pocket quarterbacks in the league as he readies himself for his 11th season in the league and his 10th as a starter.

Vick’s walking into a win-win situation in Philadelphia. The pressure is off him to be the franchise savior that he was asked to be in Atlanta.
He’ll be brought along slowly as he goes through the daily practice routine in an offense designed to maximize a quarterback’s abilities. McNabb will lecture the lefty on learning how to adjust his mental game as his physical ability leaves him. And being a part of an annual contender will undoubtedly strain the winner’s mentality into him.

The Eagles might incur some heavy pressure to unveil their new weapon but after last year’s mockery in Baltimore, Philadelphia should be more than hesitant against pulling a similar stunt. Vick will probably get some clock running the infamous Wildcat package but expect nothing else. I wouldn’t look for him to handle much of the quarterback duties and for a guy who has annually played a low-contact position, I doubt the Eagles will be lining him up at running back and receiver as several have speculated.

So while many of us may be sitting back, patiently waiting to be tantalized by the barrel of excitement we’ve come to expect in Vick, the truth is, we probably won’t be seeing the lid lifted off of that barrel anytime soon.

With McNabb firmly entrenched and the Eagles set to compete for a Super Bowl for the next two years at the least, we’re a long way from hearing broadcasters fall out of their chairs describing a Vick touchdown run.

Well…..maybe not too far, Madden and youtube are just around the corner you know.


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  1. personally, I’m a Vick supporter so I’m happy to see a team give him a chance. I know he’s missed probably the most vital years in his career as far as learning and finding his identity as a qb go, but where better to learn than in Philadelphia, watching McNabb?!?

    But more than that, I’m anxious to see how this one will play out. In front of all the cameras, everyone SEEMS to be pleased with this new edition but how do they really feel in the Philadelphia locker room?!? hmmmmmmm……

    Comment by TeeMarie | August 26, 2009 | Reply

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